The Christian Girl’s Guide to Prepare Her Heart to Meet The One

Relationship with God

  • How to Hear God’s Voice

    I once had an atheist friend who was as smart as a whip. Having completed a Masters degree at a prestigious university, he could easily go toe-to-toe with just about anyone in cleverly giving proof [...]
  • God Help Me Please!

    Have you ever had one of those days when you say, “God help me please”?  You’re absolutely overwhelmed by life.  Even when you’ve shared with everyone in your support system, you still feel like you [...]
  • Why Should We Go to Church?

    Recently, I’ve been thinking about why should we go to church?  Then, I was reading Matthew 6 and these words jumped off the page. Be especially careful when you are trying to be good so [...]
  • God in Everyday Life-God of the Ordinary

    Sometimes we willingly follow God into the extraordinary yet we lose Him in the ordinary.  When know God of the praise song and the week of prayer.  Sometimes we’re not as familiar with God in [...]
  • How Does God Answer Prayers?

    Have you ever wondered, how does God answer prayers?  Well the best way I can think of the answer is through the idea of winning and losing Have you ever been runner up or felt [...]

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Living Single

  • 4 Myths We Believe About Meeting the One

    If you live on this planet and have watched any movies or TV series lately, you know as women we’re inundated with images of girls meeting “the one” and magically falling in love. The guys [...]
  • All the Single Ladies!

    When I first started blogging on this site, I never anticipated writing out a love story.  I mostly thought to write about my book.  But then, life happened.  I fell in love quite quickly, life [...]

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