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  • Rachel Lemons
    I am passionate about my relationship with Jesus, and I want other people to experience the difference that relationship has made in my life. I long for that relationship to be accessible to everyone. I long for people to make a decision about Jesus because they see Him for who He really is. I am a curious traveler, who loves learning languages and understanding new cultures. I've lived/stayed extensively on five continents North America, South America, Europe, Asia (in the Middle East) and Australia. But out of all of the experiences God's allowed me to have, my favorite one is when I can sit down and worship and interact with Jesus. [...]

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The Story of Being the Other Woman

by rnlemons in Christian Living

Imagine the story from Hagar’s perspective. We always tell the wife’s story but what about the other woman?  What is the story of being the other woman? We’ve all had [...]