YOU: “You Culture” in a Digital Age

I once took a business writing class and the thing I took away from it, besides the fact that our professor wrote the book we were using in class, was that our writing should be “you” focused.  This meant that we should restructure our sentences so the reader felt like the centre of the writing.  That wasn’t hard for some things, but for others it was a real act of verbal gymnastics to get the statements to be “you” focused.

I’ve now transitioned from being a “you” focused writer to a “you” focused reader.  I look for sentences in business documents to be focused on me.  I read business copy making sure it’s focused on me.

What’s the focus of our Christianity? Is it “you” focused or are we so focused on our own needs that we’re blinded by the needs of others?

Romans 12:15 invites us to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn.  Since discovering this verse, it’s shaped so much of my actions as a Christian.  It shapes what I “like” on Facebook.  Before it seemed like a silly gesture to hit the thumbs up button but now I see it as my way of showing empathy – reaching out the way Jesus reached out in a digital age.

What does a “you” focused culture look like to you, especially as you confront this reality in a digital age?

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