[ YEAR OF YES ] – DAY 4: Let Go

Some of the things we admire the most in a person are also things that we can despise.

The same person who can be called cheap can also be called frugal.

The person who is known for being blunt can also have the reputation for being a very honest person who shoots straight from the hip.

The person full of passion can be called irrational and the social butterfly can  be labelled an over-the-top flirt.

So I’d dare to say the person who has trouble letting go, might also have the tendency to be tenacious and doggedly determined.

I’ll admit it here and now: I have trouble letting go.

It doesn’t come easily or naturally to me.  It’s with much effort that I let things go, and even then, I just let them settle down in my mind.

As you probably know, much like I do, not letting go isn’t great for relationships.  It isn’t great for those people who are trying to become mentally healthy and who need to take steps forward.  An inability to let go can keep some people from moving forward to achieving what they need to achieve.

So as you step forward into 2017, is there anything you need to let go of?  Are you prepared to let go of those things that are keeping you from having your Year of Yes?

DAY 5: Start Fresh

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