Christian Living

Learning to Love: What Does God’s Love Look Like?


What does God’s love look like in action?  Do we automatically possess it from the moment we commit ourselves to be Christians.  Does it come from going to church and a quick read-through of the Bible.  God’s love can’t be conjured up.  How can we show something to others that we haven’t experienced in its fullest depth and breadth? Have you heard Sarah Bareilles’ catchy tune “I’m Not Going to Write You A Love Song”?  I like it because it’s a cheeky and rebellious, while still passing as a catchy pop song.  Rebellious?  Okay, so she’s not starting a revolution.  […]

Christian Struggle

Why Struggle Is Important to Your Christian Journey


If we were honest about our Christian lives, wouldn’t we admit that we struggle more often than we show? We struggle to answer the nagging questions. We struggle to understand God’s will for our lives. We struggle to understand and accept our purpose. We struggle with where we fit in this world. We struggle with making the right decisions. We struggle with ourselves. God honors your struggle. Without struggle there is no growth. I once saw struggle as a negative thing.  I didn’t think there was any place for it in my life. That all changed after two and a half […]

Relationship With God

God Wants to Spend Time with You – Fish Food Book


Those who know God and understand His love often say they want to feel closer to Him, but then so many things seem to pop up that get in the way. If time’s not an issue, then knowing what to do during those quiet moments seems to be the next struggle.  Some randomly turn to a Bible passage and take whatever they find as God’s leading.  Others pull out a “devotional book” with day-by-day readings. How can we spend meaningful moments with God?  How can we connect with Him, learn more about Him and pray to Him? I won’t claim […]