Love Story

How Rachel Met Peter: God’s Love Story – Pt. 15


I was speaking with Pete this morning about how to end our 14-blog-post saga (but not our relationship).  I wondered how you end something that has just started.  He said something so poignant that I invited him to write the blog post.  He judiciously said I was doing such a good job of telling our story that I should conclude it.  I say, it’s always easier to direct from the side than to write the script.  Anyway, his big takeaway from it all is that we never know from day-to-day where God will lead our lives.  And it’s so very […]

Christian Living

Learning to Love: What Does God’s Love Look Like?


What does God’s love look like in action?  Do we automatically possess it from the moment we commit ourselves to be Christians.  Does it come from going to church and a quick read-through of the Bible.  God’s love can’t be conjured up.  How can we show something to others that we haven’t experienced in its fullest depth and breadth? Have you heard Sarah Bareilles’ catchy tune “I’m Not Going to Write You A Love Song”?  I like it because it’s a cheeky and rebellious, while still passing as a catchy pop song.  Rebellious?  Okay, so she’s not starting a revolution.  […]