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How Rachel Met Peter: God’s Love Story – Pt. 15


I was speaking with Pete this morning about how to end our 14-blog-post saga (but not our relationship).  I wondered how you end something that has just started.  He said something so poignant that I invited him to write the blog post.  He judiciously said I was doing such a good job of telling our story that I should conclude it.  I say, it’s always easier to direct from the side than to write the script.  Anyway, his big takeaway from it all is that we never know from day-to-day where God will lead our lives.  And it’s so very […]

Love Story

How Rachel Met Peter: Love Story of God’s Provision – Pt. 13


I’m interested in the idea of beginnings.  If you read the start of the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, you’ll notice that they each start differently, even though they all endeavor to tell the same story. It makes me wonder what’s significant about a story’s beginning. Very early on in our relationship, Peter and I knew we wanted to live our lives together.  We knew we wanted to have fun, share our difficult moments and serve God together.  That was our beginning.  For us, getting engaged was significant, yes, but also a formality.  We already knew we […]

Love Story

How Rachel Met Peter: Love Story of God’s Provision – Pt. 6


I was learning to practice the art of being still in my spiritual and emotional life.  It meant different things in different situations, but overall, I understood it to mean never moving ahead of God – not being led to make decisions based off of emotions alone because feelings are not the same as faith. The day after Peter and I hung out, he returned to Australia.  Knowing his flight was long and drawn out, I waited for almost a day to see if I heard word – a text or a FB update.  I wondered how he was.  Finally, […]

Love Story

How Rachel Met Peter: A Story of God’s Provision – Pt. 2


The interesting thing about my strong urge to go to the One Project was that I had no idea what would happen at the conference.  It was just an event that I saw on the internet. I didn’t know anyone who had attended before.  I didn’t even know what would happen there. I just knew they’d be talking about Jesus. Upon entering the hotel, I was greeted with the gathering’s logo on the floor of a beautiful hotel. The atmosphere was amazing.  It was apparent that thought and planning had gone into every detail. The first night, I attended a […]

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God, Where Are You?


I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve asked God, “Where are you?”  Even now, I’m asking Him this question, as I transition my life to Australia. I’ve asked Him this question many times in the past, when it’s come to relationships or getting into university programs or getting a job. I’ve often cried the question out in agony, “God, where are you?” Sometimes, I wonder if this is the right question.  I wonder if I’m asking it with the right heart. “Would I treat a friend like this?”  If a friend didn’t do what I wanted, when I wanted, […]