Chat with Gorgeous in God’s Image – GIGI Magazine


Who doesn’t love the feel of a glossy magazine between their fingers?  The promise of pretty pictures, tips, trends and recipes awaiting.  What if you were able to create something like this with you sistahs?  Not just your girlfriends, but with your blood-true-to-life sisters!  I recently caught up with Stephanie, the youngest of five sisters.  Collectively, they started GiGi Magazine in 2011.  They have a passion for working with little girls, teen girls & women.  They said, “For many years, we dreamed and prayed for God to show us what we could do for women around the world.  In June 2011 […]

Christian Struggle

Dillion Sherrill’s Story: Overcoming Addiction


I grew up in a house with a lot of abuse.  I saw my parents get into physical fights, and you know women usually get the brunt of it.  My mom was addicted to alcohol and my dad to prescription pills. It’s almost like my home situation predicted who I would become, like it predicted that I would have to battle to overcome addiction. Struggle with Identity I’m not sure if it was the abuse that I witnessed or the environment I grew up in, but I always struggled with the idea of identity.  I always felt like I was […]