What is Prayer?


What is Prayer? They say God can use anything.  Well, He used graduate school to teach me how to pray.  Of course I had prayed before – a quick, hurried grace before a meal; a prayer before going to bed; a prayer for good weather or for the boy at school to pay me attention.  Let’s say, I had prayed many head prayers, but it wasn’t until graduate school and the end of my first real relationship that I prayed a heart prayer. A Heart Prayer To understand a heart prayer, you have to understand the song, “Come on in […]

How to Hear God - Man Leaning In
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How to Hear God’s Voice


I once had an atheist friend who was as smart as a whip. Having completed a Masters degree at a prestigious university, he could easily go toe-to-toe with just about anyone in cleverly giving proof of God’s non-existence. From an intellectual point of view, I knew I was no match for him. In fact, we never engaged on this level. One time, however, he brought up the subject of God. He asked how I could believe in something so nonsensical as a God I couldn’t hear or see. So I posed the following question to him, “Can you explain your […]

God Help me Please!
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God Help Me Please!


Have you ever had one of those days when you say, “God help me please”?  You’re absolutely overwhelmed by life.  Even when you’ve shared with everyone in your support system, you still feel like you haven’t gotten it off your chest.  You feel listened to but not heard.  Glanced at but not seen. Recognised but not known.  Thought of but not remembered. What’s happening in your life? What has you overwhelmed?  What’s caused you to have one of those days when you say, “God help me please”?  What are you dealing with that even when you’ve shared it with everyone in your […]

Praying for Your Husband
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Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe: 5 Ways It Really Changes Things


What’s the most intimate thing you’ve ever done for your husband?  Don’t say it out loud, just keep it in mind… I want to suggest that the most intimate act you can share happens as you’re praying for your husband from head to toe.  I’m not suggesting you mentally picture him and pray over each and every body part.  I’m suggesting you pray for him with your whole heart, without any malice or bias or intent to get him to magically morph into the person you want him to be. I’m suggesting that you pray that God make your husband […]

how does god answer prayers?
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How Does God Answer Prayers?


Have you ever wondered, how does God answer prayers?  Well the best way I can think of the answer is through the idea of winning and losing Have you ever been runner up or felt like second best? There are so many motivational quotes that say “Nobody remembers who finished second, except the guy who finished second.”  It’s such a strong idea that if you try to give credit to the person who said it, the internet credits it to Charles Schulz, Bobby Unser and likely many others. The Consolation Prize Do you ever feel in your relationship with God […]

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What is Prayer? 7 Things to Pray When You Don’t Know What to Pray


What is prayer? Have you ever come before God wondering what you should pray? Feeling devoid of emotion and strength? Feeling as useless as a glove with no hand to fill it? You wonder if you should beg and plead with God for the object of your prayer, or if you should stand quietly in His presence and accept His will. Recently, I found myself at a crossroads in a particular situation. I had been praying and praying about this situation. In fact, I took 40 days and prayed evening, morning and at noon about the situation, in accordance with […]


Anastacia’s Story: What Does Prayer Mean to a Teacher?


During one of my summer breaks in University, I went to Brazil to study Portuguese.  While on campus, I met Anastacia, who worked in the library.  From that time we became friends.  Here, she shares a bit of her story and her experiences with me.  Her account is in Portuguese with English translation so everyone can enjoy it! Anastacia’s Story Trabalho em Escola Adventista há 7 anos e agora também estou trabalhando na Rede Pública. I have worked in Adventist schools for the past 7 years, and now I’m also working in the public school system. Conhecei Jesus aos 10 […]

Love Story

How Rachel Met Peter: Love Story of God’s Provision – Pt. 6


I was learning to practice the art of being still in my spiritual and emotional life.  It meant different things in different situations, but overall, I understood it to mean never moving ahead of God – not being led to make decisions based off of emotions alone because feelings are not the same as faith. The day after Peter and I hung out, he returned to Australia.  Knowing his flight was long and drawn out, I waited for almost a day to see if I heard word – a text or a FB update.  I wondered how he was.  Finally, […]